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"Service Call Goes Horribly Wrong"

Full length movie 53 minutes playing time
Featuring Chloe and Belle

Chloe has been called to a new client's house to check on a gas leak.
The customer is very friendly and offers her a cup of tea before she gets started. Chloe notices a diaper on a clothes rack and asks if she has babies. Belle says she doesn't but would love one. Chloes thinks that is kind of weird.
Chloe where the problem is down the side of the house and leaves her to it

Then the most bizarre things happens. Chloe cannot control her bladder and pees herself. She is shocked and embarrassed.
Thinkong fast she figures she can hide her wet pants and ask to use the toilet. But Belle sees exactly what is going on and says she needs to clean up by having a bath.

Chloe figures maybe that is best so takes of all her clothes and hops into the tub in warm water Belle has run for her.
All is good until Belle bursts back into the bathroom and insists on bathing her all over and cleaning her most intimate places. Then she tells Chloe she has behaved like a babay and mist n=be treated like one. She insiste on putting her in a diaper and a onesie. Oh, and a pacifier in her mouth

Chloe is on a one way track to total and permanent regression. She is spoon fed, breast fed, has her diaper changed and put in a cot in an adult sized nurseray at the end of the day.
She is never going home and back to her normal, grown up life.
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